What to Watch: Your Guide to 25 Thanksgiving Marathons and Specials, and Much More

The turkey’s stuffed, the pumpkin’s pie’d and the family’s gathered — but don’t neglect your old friend, TV! It’s working OT this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, serving marathons of fave shows (Castle) and flicks (James Bond), holiday movies (My Santa) and classics (A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving), plus fresh episodes of Glee, Grimm and others. So unbutton your pants and pick up your remote — it’s relaxin’ time. READ MORE

What to Watch New Year's Weekend: Your Guide to 10 Specials, a Fierce Football Finale and More

Well before and right up until the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, there is TV to be had as you prepare to bid adieu to 2-0-1-2. There’s a serious face-off in the Sunday Night Football season finale, a fresh slab of bacon-themed programming, a Herculean marathon and then countdown specials for every stripe of viewer out there. Here are the programs we have singled out, in 10…! 9…! 8…! 7…. READ MORE

What to Watch: Your Guide to 30 Must-See Thanksgiving Marathons and Specials

Thanksgiving week TV is like the best kind of holiday turkey: stuffed to overflowing. To help you navigate the dial, TVLine has singled out 30 marathons and specials that should be on your radar. From good ol’ USA Network’s time-honored series to a couple new syndie entries (welcome, Fringe and Castle!) to a brand-new SpongeBob special, here’s plenty to keep your TV remote busy this holiday. READ MORE