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The Orville's Anne Winters Talks Charly's Heroic Act, Why a Scene With Her 'Love' Amanda Was Reshot

The following contains major spoilers from the July 28 episode of Hulu’s The Orville: New Horizons.

As The Orville cruised closer to its Season 3 finale, Ensign Charly Burke’s tragic tale READ MORE

Post Mortems

Loot's Maya Rudolph, Nat Faxon Weigh In on 'Whether Molly and Arthur's Relationship Makes Sense'

Warning: The following post contains minor spoilers for Loot’s fourth episode.

It didn’t take long for chemistry to spark between Loot‘s Molly and Arthur, and after Friday’s episode READ MORE

Post Mortems

The Flash Boss Talks Season 8 Finale's 'Ultimate Battle,' Fate of 'WestAllen,' Whether Season 9 Will Be the Very End

The following contains spoilers from The Flash‘s Season 8 finale.

The Flash with its Season 8 finale saw Eobard Thawne become more powerful than ever READ MORE & GRADE THE FINALE