Post Mortems

Servant's Lauren Ambrose on 'What Lies Between Perception and Reality' and Why Dorothy Goes Full-On Denzel

We’ve got a lot of Servant questions. Like, was the Turners’ baby really Jericho? Why can’t Sean and Julian stop lying? And is the creepy doll actually a poltergeist from hell? Hey, on this show, anything’s possible. READ MORE

Post Mortems

Prodigal Son EPs Break Down Season 2 Premiere, Warn 'There's Going to Be More Trouble' for Bright and Ainsley

The following post contains spoilers for Prodigal Son‘s Season 2 premiere. Proceed with caution!

Prodigal Son is back, and so is the Whitly family’s insistence that everything is fine, when it most certainly is not. READ MORE & GRADE THE PREMIERE