Glee Recap: Reunited, And It Feels So Good

No matter your feelings on the current state of Glee — whether you’re #TeamNYC or #TeamLima, whether you dig Rachel and Santana as reluctant buddies or sworn enemies, whether or not you ever want another pep talk from Mr. Schue — you’ve got to admit there was something really sweet about getting the old gang back together again for the show’s 100th episode. READ MORE & TAKE OUR POLL


Glee Exclusive Video: Brittany and Santana Reunite -- Musically -- for 100th Episode

Brittana fans, try to contain yourselves.

Glee‘s original lesbian lovers are back in action (at least in a show-choir kinda way) on tonight’s milestone 100th episode, and we’ve got your exclusive sneak peek. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Glee Sneak Peek: Last Days in Lima -- and a Rockin' Kurt-Elliott Romp in NYC!

Glee is headed in “New Directions” — eastward to be exact — as the show shifts its focus from Lima, OH to New York City for the rest of the season.

In the following first-look photos from “New New York” (airing April 1, 8/7c on Fox), we see Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Adam Lambert’s Elliott making …READ MORE & VIEW PHOTOS

Glee Recap: It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right; It Takes Three to Make It Out of Sight

“I’m disturbed on every level,” seethed Sue Sylvester, enjoying one of her funniest episodes of Glee‘s fifth season. But, oh man, did “Trio” — an installment built around varying (and sometimes unexpected) character threesomes — make Sue’s repulsion understandable.

We had Schue and Emma getting it on in the McKinley High faculty bathroom (complete with …READ MORE & TAKE POLL