Fall TV Preview

Alaska Daily: Hilary Swank Gets Frosty Reception Up North In Official Trailer for New ABC Drama

Are the Oscars not televised in Anchorage?

Two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank gets the cold shoulder up North in the first full-length trailer for Alaska Daily, READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO


Wheel of Fortune Season 40: Get Your First Look at Vanna White's New Laser-Powered Puzzleboard in Action

Ahead of Wheel of Fortune‘s Season 40 premiere, TVLine has an exclusive “action shot” of the first upgrade in 19 years to co-host Vanna White’s puzzleboard. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO

Fall TV Preview

Grey's Anatomy: Watch First Footage From Ellen Pompeo-Lite Season 19

Ellen Pompeo may be appearing in fewer Grey’s Anatomy episodes this season but she will not be MIA for the premiere. We know this because ABC on Tuesday unveiled the first footage from Season 19’s opening hour READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO