The Regime Trailer: For Kate Winslet, Politics Can Get Dirty (And Bloody)

They say politics is a bloodsport, but in Kate Winslet’s new HBO limited series The Regime, that might literally be true.

HBO has released a first-look teaser for the series (formerly titled The Palace), set to debut in 2024, with Winslet starring as the chancellor of an unnamed European country. She meets with an American envoy played by Martha Plimpton who offers her full support — but notes that the U.S. needs Winslet’s character “to demonstrate credibility to us… trustworthiness.” And no, the chancellor doesn’t seem to like that very much.

She trumpets the arrival of “a new Europe” as we see people being roughly hauled away and thrown into vans, and she demands an apology on behalf of her people from a rival leader she terms a “hog.” Oh, and she also slaps another guy silly and calls him a “f–king stinking c–t.” We see blood being shed and people being shot as Winslet’s character claims she’s done what she’s done “in the name of liberty.” So is she some tyrannical leader who came to power through a violent coup?

Along with Winslet and Plimpton, the cast includes Hugh Grant, Andrea Riseborough and Matthias Schoenaerts. Stephen Frears (A Very English Scandal) directs, with Will Tracy (Succession, The Menu) serving as writer and showrunner.

Press PLAY above for a sneak peek at Kate Winslet in The Regime, and then hit the comments below and give us your first impressions.

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