Blood & Treasure Not Returning for Season 3

blood and treasure 2x02

Blood & Treasure‘s globe-trotting days are over.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the Raiders of the Lost Ark-meets-The Da Vinci Code action-adventure series will not be returning for a third season, on Paramount+ or anywhere else.

The news comes more than four months after the Season 2 finale streamed on Paramount+, which had picked up the CBS drama for a single-season run.

Created by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia and starring Matt Barr and Sofia Pernas, Blood & Treasure premiered in May 2019 on CBS. Season 2 was ordered midway through Season 1, following some solid-for-summer ratings. Alas, pandemic-related production shutdowns delayed filming on Season 2, which didn’t wrap until mid-December 2020. Eventually, on the third anniversary of its debut, Blood & Treasure landed a Season 2 premiere date.

For what it’s worth, last October’s Season 2 finale ended with a “Happily Ever After”-ish epilogue in which Danny (Barr) successfully petitioned a judge to pardon all of “Shaw” aka Dwayne Coleman’s (Michael James Shaw) illegal past actions, leading to a joyous reunion between Dwayne and his family. Danny, Lexi (Pernas) and Chuck (Mark Gagliardi) then got flagged down by a lawyer for the Reece estate, who came bearing an eye-popping trust that had been bequeathed to Danny.

Additionally, Chuck (now a Vatican Intelligence member) disclosed that though the Spirit Banner they chased after in Season 2 had been reclaimed, $10 million of the stolen money “inside” it had gone missing. We then saw the team’s frenemy, Simon (James Callis), pull up to a bank in Costa Rica to deposit a sack of cash. When asked what he does for a living, Simon told the teller, “I find things,” as he held a map to… something. Fans, though, will never learn what Simon was after next, and where that would have taken “newlyweds” Danny and Lexi.

Ahead of the long-delayed Season 2, series co-creator Federman told TVLine, “We have a kind of ‘never say never’ and ‘never say die’ [attitude]. It’s like, who knows? If the numbers are really good [on Paramount+], we could always bring the band back together. We have a ton of stories we can tell in this world.” And even though Barr was now starring on The CW’s Walker Independence, “it’s the same [Paramount] corporate umbrella, so I think it could be worked out,” the EP ventured.

On the day of the Season 2 finale’s release, Federman told fans via Twitter, “I don’t know what the future holds but I’m very proud of what we got to do with this show, shooting our little action/adventure on four continents and through a pandemic. Thanks to our partners at CBS who trusted us to pull it off and our amazing writers, cast, crew and staff. It was very much the adventure of a lifetime. And thanks to everyone who watched and spread the word.”

For co-creator Scaia, just getting Season 2 in front of everyone — after three full years, and navigating much pandemic-era globe-trotting for the production itself — was a huge win.

“The miracle for me was being able to finish that second season during a pandemic, traveling the world, shooting on three different continents over however many months” — including one government-mandated break — “and everyone made it through healthy,” Scaia told TVLine. “We went through so much to get it on screen for everybody, and I think that’s a victory in and of itself, outside of where the story goes from there.”

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