NCIS' Gary Cole Reprises Office Space Role for Black Friday TV Spot – WATCH

Gary Cole ponders a Black Friday sales flyer, and not a dreaded TPS report, in a new TV commercial that has the NCIS star channeling his iconic Office Space alter ego.

In the cult hit film comedy from 1999, Cole famously played Bill Lumbergh, vice president at the Initech software company where Ron Livingston’s Peter Gibbons, David Herman’s (not that) Michael Bolton, Ajay Naidu’s Samir Nagheenanajar and other programmers thanklessly toiled. Jennifer Aniston, Stephen Root and Diedrich Bader also starred.

In the TV spot above, which touts a big box store’s Black Friday deals, both Cole and Naidu reprise their Office Space personae, though it’s a different Michael Bolton who pops up on the latter’s Zoom screen.

Almost a full season into his maiden NCIS run, Cole this past March made an on-camera reference to Office Space‘s infamous TPS reports, when his Special Agent Alden Parker bungled the acronym for NCIS’ own TBS (trans-bureau synopsis) reports; watch that scene below: