The Bachelor Finale Video: Get Ready for 'the Rose Ceremony From Hell'

Clayton is taking a lot of heat for his decisions in next week’s season finale of The Bachelor — and it’s coming from his two remaining women.

ABC has released a sneak peek at the two-part finale, airing next Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c, and it hints at the fallout from fantasy suites week — read our recap here — when Clayton sent Susie home after an ugly confrontation where he admitted he told Gabby and Rachel he was falling in love with them and slept with both of them. In the finale, Gabby straight-up tells Clayton, “Your actions speak way louder than words. I can’t believe anything you say. Not one thing.” Clayton’s dad also informs that he, well, “screwed the pooch.” (Maybe not the most elegant way to put it, but we can’t disagree.)

We also get a glimpse at “the rose ceremony from hell” (!), with Clayton being “fully transparent” and admitting to Gabby and Rachel that he’s in love with both of them… and also “was intimate” with both of them, too. This, of course, sends both women into a tailspin. “If he’s in love with all of us, then how can it be special at all?” Rachel asks through tears. Great question! If that weren’t enough drama, Jesse Palmer pops up to tell Clayton he has some news “that I think is going to change everything for you.” (Please don’t say Susie came back, please don’t say Susie came back…)

Press PLAY above to get a taste of the Bachelor season finale, and then hit the comments to share your predictions.

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