Tyler Perry's Sistas' Chido Nwokocha Explains Why Gary's Good Looks Confuse Andi (and Fans)

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Gary begs

Just when it seemed as though Andi had learned her lesson when it came to Gary on Tyler Perry’s Sistas, she started to waffle and waver.

On one hand, she was ready to sell the penthouse her ex-fiancé gave her as a “take me back” gift. On the other hand, Andi told one of her besties Karen she would still have dinner with Gary to be sure. And when the soapy and addictive BET series airs this Wednesday at 9/8c, Andi will be forced to tell her potential new boo Robin about her lingering feelings for Gary.

Chido Nwokocha costars as Gary and says he understands Andi’s confusion because viewers of the show share those same feelings with him all the time.

“I have had a lot of fans who walk up to me and say, ‘I don’t know how to feel about you,'” Nwokocha tells TVLine with a laugh. “I’ll be working out somewhere, and they say, ‘Oh my God. You are so beautiful. Maybe Gary is trying to get it right. Why don’t you have a shirt on?'”

All jokes aside, Nwokocha observes that attractive faces and physiques befuddle people all the time.

Sistas, Gary's smile“That’s something I bring to the character: a level of complexity,” Nwokocha shares proudly. “Gary is tall, dark and handsome. He does check the boxes society tells you to go after. He does have money and influence and can buy expensive things, but he’s also manipulative, dishonest and used to getting his way. It’s fun creating that dynamic. People are not all good or all bad, and when it comes to romance, we all have to figure out what we can put up with and what really matters.”

Until Andi figures out what she wants and whether or not she should give Gary another try, fans will have to moan and groan as she stumbles through an evolution full of Gary’s confounding and opulent presents and deceptive plans involving Hayden.

“Gary’s understanding is that this is what you have to do to win the woman you love,” Nwokocha surmises. “Like a lot of rich and powerful men, persistence helped him achieve success, and he looks at Andi breaking up with him as yet another challenge to overcome. He’s not trying to lose in general, and that includes Andi.”

Do you think Gary’s good looks are confusing Andi, or do you think there’s more to the story? Can Gary eventually change for the better? Drop your thoughts in the comments.