Tyler Perry's Sistas Recap: Zac Makes an Unexpected New Friend

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Karen stopped by to see Aaron play basketball on Wednesday’s Tyler Perry’s Sistas and ended up dealing with a lot more than she expected.

Part of the problem was Karen’s intentions from the start. She only wanted to visit because Gary was there, and it seemed like she planned on confronting him about the car and gifts he gave Andi. However, when Karen actually saw Gary, she gave him the cold shoulder and didn’t say much. We were also led to believe Aaron didn’t know Zac was there playing basketball with him.

That was needlessly awkward. Aaron knows who Zac is, right? What kind of psychological game are you playing, Mr. Preacher Man? Anyway, after a confused Karen and Aaron left, Gary and Zac introduced themselves, and Gary explained that he’s a hedge fund manager (oh, so that’s what he does), and Zac confessed that he dabbles in the stock market.

The next day, Zac called and asked Gary for financial advice, and Gary was happy to help. A Gary and Zac bromance? Something tells us Fatima would not approve.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Gary at work Speaking of Fatima, Zac teased her when she woke up and said he’d been at some other woman’s house, and as she angrily walked away from him, she saw the photo collage tribute he’d created for her on the bathroom mirror. The muscular prankster sauntered into the bathroom in response to collect his kisses from Fatima and added that he picked up a camera from his platonic friend, who happens to be a woman and a photographer.

The two kissed and promised to never screw each other over and somehow ended up back in the bed. Speaking of beds, Karen and Aaron shared pillow talk, but she failed to tell him she’s pregnant. Looks like Aaron isn’t the only one withholding information. These two are made for each other, huh?

Elsewhere in Atlanta, just as Andi tried to figure out how to handle Gary, Robin called from his private plane to say he was thinking about her and only wants to be with her. Awww! When he said he enjoyed kissing her, Andi asked Robin to get more specific, and he did by telling her he loves the way he feels when they’re together and the way she looks into his eyes. Now that’s our kind of specificity.

Andi didn’t tell Robin about Gary’s get-back-together gifts, and instead, they started having phone sex, which got interrupted by a call from Gary. When Andi suddenly told Robin she had to go, he immediately figured out why and said she should go ahead and talk to Gary.

Robin revealed he understood that Andi doesn’t belong to him, not yet anyway, and this made Andi smile. She smiled so much that she didn’t call Gary back, and that made us smile, too.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Danni attack You know who wasn’t smiling? Sabrina. After Calvin lost the fight to her bank customer and yelled about why he had to fight — he kind of did have to defend his own honor — an angry Calvin said they should leave, and Sabrina said no. Calvin stormed off, and the customer returned to apologize to Sabrina for the disrespect.

He also revealed that he owns the restaurant, and Sabrina was impressed, but not enough to have dinner with the man whose name we still don’t know. Saddened by the night’s turn of events, a crestfallen Sabrina took a rideshare home. Meanwhile, Danni took a loud and destructive “ride” on the El Fuego train and moved farther away from a possible future with Preston. But first, Danni will have to get rid of her attacker from the airport? Yikes!

Do you think it’s really over for Sabrina and Calvin? What about Danni and Preston? And do you want Zac and Gary to be friends, or not so much? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

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