grown-ish's Luka Sabbat Previews More Sucker Punches in Season 4B Premiere

grown-ish, Luca gets punched

Luca is easily the most Zen character on Freeform’s college rom-com grown-ish. But everyone has a breaking point, and in the Season 4B premiere this Thursday (10/9c), the fashionable and usually chill Cal U senior understandably sees red after Aaron punches him in the jaw.

The opener picks up immediately after the punch, which took place in the midseason finale when Luca gave Zoey a job at his fledgling fashion line. Zoey, who needs an internship in order to graduate, happily took Luca up on his offer, but didn’t think about talking to Aaron (Trevor Jackson) to make sure he could handle her working with her ex-boyfriend.

To make matters worse, Aaron talked Charlie into waiving the internship requirement for Zoey and was going to surprise her with the good news, until Luca inadvertently stole his thunder. Luka Sabbat, who plays Luca, says there will be more fisticuffs in the premiere and shooting them was his favorite part. Will Luca punch Aaron or someone else? Fans will have to tune in to find out.

“Obviously, it’s a serious scene,” Sabbat tells TVLine with a boyish grin about the midseason finale punch. “Even practicing the punch and that stuff was pretty fun. I love Trevor. That’s my friend. Off set, he’s my buddy. It’s pretty funny because our characters are not friends, and I’ve never been punched onscreen. But I genuinely like Trevor, and we had a lot of fun with our fight scene. It’s a very special kind of chemistry. I can’t explain it, but it is just acting at the end of the day.”

grown-ish, Aaron and LucaAs for Luca turning to violence in the premiere, Sabbat adds that the twist took him by surprise as well.

“I didn’t think Luca would punch anyone until I read that script,” Sabbat divulges. “It’s a weird move for him to make, but respectfully, I also understand it. They were playing with him. Playing all in his face, and Luca is a peaceful and Zen guy, but he’s human. And sometimes, that’s a whole different ballgame.”

So does that mean Luca and Zoey will end up together? Sabbat won’t say, but he’s rooting for his character all the same.

grown-ish, Zoey sadness“I like the relationship between Luca and Zoey,” Sabbat admits. “Even if they’re not dating, Luca is still down to be friends because he’s a really supportive guy. He doesn’t really hang out with anyone else in that crew other than Zoey and Doug. I’m not going to say what happens with Zoey, but you’ll see. I think they’re dynamic regardless of how it ends up, and that’s really fascinating.”

Are you excited about the Season 4B premiere of grown-ish, and are you #TeamZaaron or #TeamZuca? Drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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