And Just Like That Writers on Miranda's Surprising Choice in Episode 3: 'This Season Is All About Change for Her'

Warning: This post contains spoilers for Thursday’s And Just Like That.

HBO Max’s revival And Just Like That… finds the Sex and the City characters embarking on new paths… and this week, Miranda considered something very new indeed.

After revealing to Charlotte that she and Steve haven’t had sex in years, Miranda tagged along with Carrie and Charlotte to podcaster Che Diaz’s comedy show, and Che’s stories about coming out to their family and boldly embracing change seemed to trigger something in Miranda. She decided to stick around for the after-party after Carrie and Charlotte left, and there, she had a charged encounter with Che where she told them she was ready to embrace change herself… before Che seductively shotgunned weed smoke into Miranda’s mouth. Oh my!

So is Miranda Hobbes having a sexual awakening? “Miranda is feeling stagnant in her life,” writer Julie Rottenberg, a Sex and the City veteran who penned this week’s episode with Elisa Zuritsky, tells TVLine, adding: “I think this season is all about change for her.” Showrunner Michael Patrick King agrees that Miranda is feeling “trapped” at this point in her life: “At the concert, she seems to be responding to the word ‘change’… and Miranda’s always been a bit of an outsider. Even within the group, she was the one who was the least successful at dating. She was the one who was the most angry at society. So Miranda’s always been somebody who went her own way.”


As King points out, even Miranda’s marriage to Steve “was because she got pregnant. So we’re trying to be as bold as possible… The series has always been bold, always. Samantha had a lesbian relationship with Sonia Braga for, like, four episodes. I mean, it’s not new to explore sexuality.” But he’s also quick to note that “people are more than sex. They’re a vibration. And Che Diaz is an incredibly strong, charismatic vibration as played by Sara Ramirez. I mean, everyone’s drawn to [them].”

Miranda’s late-night encounter with Che “might have just been something that sent her in a different direction,” Rottenberg allows, but we’ll have to keep watching to see where that direction leads her, exactly. (And Just Like That… airs new episodes weekly through February.) “But she is restless,” the writer hints, “and she is responding to an inner agita.”

Sex and the City fans, how are you processing this big twist in Miranda’s story? Drop your thoughts on this week’s episode — and the revival so far — in the comments.