Tyler Perry's Sistas' Anthony Dalton Previews a Calvin and Danni Showdown

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Danni vs Calvin

The romantic rifts between Calvin and Sabrina on Tyler Perry’s Sistas are less about the kinky things he wants to do in the bedroom and more about Sabrina oversharing with her friends.

Calvin’s frustration with her friend Danni knowing too much about him and talking trash comes to a head this Wednesday (9/8c) on BET, and the exchange gets pretty ugly pretty quickly, says actor Anthony Dalton.

“Sabrina needs to stop seeking validation from her friends,” Dalton, who plays Calvin, tells TVLine. “That’s what we do as human beings. Men do it, too. We all need someone to talk to, and we can’t always keep things to ourselves. But the older you get, you will find that there are certain things you can’t divulge to certain people. Sabrina always tells Danni about Calvin and then gets mad at Danni for making jokes and roasting him. Why does Sabrina keep doing that and expecting different results? Danni can’t validate her.”

Calvin, who has lived in his truth since Season 1, confronts Danni because he decides to defend himself because Sabrina hasn’t. For instance, Calvin likes women to use strap-ons when pleasuring him, and he also likes to wear women’s underwear. However, he doesn’t see why Danni has a problem with it because he’s not dating her.

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Sabrina and Calvin “This is Calvin’s truth,” Dalton shares. “He’s into stuff that Sabrina and Danni aren’t. He’s been fully transparent from the start, and if he were gay, he wouldn’t be into Sabrina. He’s told Sabrina what he likes and has never tried to hide. Who are they to define heterosexuality for him? Besides, you can’t discuss everything you do in the bedroom because it leaves you open to criticism and judgment.”

Dalton is used to viewers and even social media observers who don’t watch Sistas judging the character he plays on the soapy drama thanks to viral clips. In that way, Danni is like those same hypercritical individuals.

Sistas holds a mirror up to what a lot of people think, especially in the Black community,” Dalton says. “There are a lot of people who say they aren’t homophobic, for instance, but their beliefs don’t match their comments. Playing Calvin has taught me to be more open-minded to other people’s sexual predilections. If you’re not hurting anyone, why should anyone else care how you get your freak on in the bedroom?”

Tyler Perry's Sistas, Calvin Fans of the show who have specific fetishes and interests have even reached out to Dalton to thank him for portraying such an honest and secure character, he adds.

“I am giving a voice to the voiceless,” Dalton surmises. “People need to skip the labels because there are men in real life who live this way. There are also people who confuse me for Calvin, and that’s the biggest compliment anyone can give. This isn’t about me or who I am. This is about the character I proudly represent.”

Do you think Danni is wrong for disparaging Calvin’s freakier side? Should Calvin confront her? Drop your thoughts in the comments. 

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