Money Heist Sneak Peek Teases Final Thrills for the Bella Ciao Bandits

Fans who are still reeling from the events of the Money Heist Season 5 midseason finale might find comfort in the new sneak peek Netflix released on Saturday at its inaugural “TUDUM” global fan event.

As seen in the video above, the Bella Ciao Bandits can’t seem to get on the same page about their next move, leading to a tense argument within the group.

When last we saw the Dali-masked marauders (SPOILER ALERT!), the Professor had melted down after a mortally wounded Tokyo took her life and that of her wretched archenemy Gandia. Denver and Manila escaped near capture at the Bank of Spain by sliding down a dumbwaiter shaft — with Tokyo’s help — and Stockholm was high on drugs and spiraling out of control. Helsinki lost a leg, Sierra gave birth and hid a cuticle cutter up her sleeve, and Palermo and Bogota were burning their way through a wall to fight the Spanish army. And Poor Rio is likely still sobbing after losing the love of his life.

But there is hope — remember hope? — because Rafael (the Professor’s brilliant and long-lost nephew) is still a viable option and his dad Berlin didn’t teach him all that he did for nothing. Rafael is a cyber expert and an electrical engineer and these are the kinds of skills the Professor and his bandits could use and then some.

The crime drama, also known as La Casa de Papel, returns with its final five installments on Friday, Dec. 3.

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