Survivor First Look: The 'Mafia Pastor' Gets Cutthroat! — Watch Two Minutes From the Season 41 Premiere Now

It’s been a whopping year and four months since Survivor wrapped its all-winners battle, but now you can finally watch brand new footage from its sure-to-be fiery return.

While we’ve already met the 18 island-bound new castaways, a new clip released Thursday from the upcoming premiere (airing Wednesday, Sept. 22 at 8/7c on CBS) gives us a closer look at six of the chosen few as they jet-set their way to their new sandy home.

While Evvie tells us how “freaking excited” she is to be a part of the show’s first season back, former Dallas Cowboy safety Danny admits that “the competitive spirit” of professional sports “never leaves.” (He also spent his time in quarantine binge-watching the show. Stars, they’re just like us!)

But the most intriguing new member of the bunch (so far) might just be Shan, a “Mafia pastor” from Washington D.C. who tells us that pastors aren’t soft… they’re anything but. “I am half Italian, half Jamaican. That means I’m cutthroat, OK? Like, I will pray for you, and walk you out the door at the same time. I have no problem doing that!”

We also get a quick peek at what looks to be an upcoming advantage. The outside of the little game-changing bundle reads: “If you take it, it’s yours, and you must do what it says. Otherwise, leave it.” Interesting!

As previously reported, the new season was reduced from 39 days to a “much more dangerous” 26, which will increase the pacing of its twists and overall gameplay. Host Jeff Probst will be breaking the fourth wall to address the audience directly, keeping us posted on twists well before the players are even notified. The season will also include an interactive element, where fans can test their own puzzle-decoding skills at home with the new “Game Within the Game.”

Watch two minutes from the Survivor Season 41 premiere by pressing PLAY above, then hit the Comments to tell us your thoughts.

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