Drag Race All Stars Recap: The 'Game Within a Game' Is Almost Upon Us

Drag Race All Stars 6

If I were a character on Drag Tots, I’d call myself Negative Nancy — because I have nothing good to say about this week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.

Let’s start with the mini challenge, which was basically Snatch Game without the costumes and the impressions and the fun. The five remaining queens were put in a classroom setting and asked to vote on superlatives ranging from “prettiest queen” to “most likely to steal your boyfriend.”

Some queens, like Eureka, had no problem being voted bossiest, gassiest, messiest and shadiest, whereas other queens couldn’t handle a single negative critique thrown their way. (I love Trinity K. Bonet, but freaking out over being named the “moodiest queen” is a really bad way to prove that you aren’t moody. Which she is.)

Anyway, Ginger Minj and Kylie Sonique Love both “won” the challenge, as if anyone really emerged from that game better than they left it.

As for this week’s maxi challenge, the queens were tasked with creating, designing and presenting their own character from Drag Tots, which is like Muppet Babies for drag queens. And if you think it’s not a real show, allow me to say… your guess is as good as mine. Or Aquaria’s.

Ginger got high marks for her work as Tara Belle, a Southern lady who loves her some butter. It was a fun idea, and the look was constructed well, but I didn’t think it was terribly inspired. In fact, I have to strongly disagree with Ross Mathews’ assertion that it was “never boring.” It was only boring.

The judges also enjoyed Trinity as Furlicia, a “humble pussy” who was essentially a cross between Snagglepuss and the Cowardly Lion, but even gayer. Decent praise was also given to Kylie, who managed to finish her Miss Behave look at the last second, resulting in a cute little witch character who got the job done. (That said, did her tiny hat give anyone else Pandora Boxx vibes? Trixie Mattel recently mentioned that tiny hats always make her think of Pandora, and I agree 100 percent.)

But no queen got more praise than Ra’Jah O’Hara, whose all-purple look definitely will probably earn her a cease and desist from Jan — but it was all worth it, because Ra’Jah snatched up her second win of the season. This win came as a bit of a surprise, though, considering how much RuPaul hated Ra’Jah’s initial idea. Even down to the original name, Queen See-Me. Seriously, not since “Heidi N. Closet” has Ru hated a name so much. He kept saying, “It sounds like semen.” And you know what? He wasn’t wrong.

Poor Eureka, though, did not receive the positive critiques she was hoping for. Sure, the judges appreciated that she channeled the negative feedback from this week’s mini challenge into her character — the villainous-yet-chic Alexandria McQueen — but they thought she could have been hammier in her performance, a critique I don’t think she ever expected to hear.

Eureka probably would have ended up in the bottom two, had Ru not announced: “This week, if you’re not the top All Star, you’re in the bottom.” That left everyone but Ra’Jah up for elimination.

When legendary Season 10 lip syncer Kameron Michaels was revealed to be this week’s assassin, I had high hopes… which were immediately squashed when both she and Ra’Jah delivered snoozy performances to Charli XCX’s “Boom Clap.” I’m just going to say it — I don’t think this was a very good choice for a lip sync battle, even if Charli was this week’s extra special guest judge. It didn’t lend itself to a thrilling performance, so we didn’t get one. From either of the queens.

Still, a winner must be chosen. Kameron was deemed the victor — perhaps because of that single cartwheel she did? — and announced this week’s eliminated queen: Eureka.

But wait! As Eureka was preparing to pack up her station, Ru invited her to play the “game within a game,” just as she’d done with all the previous queens. Only this time, it’s happening now. “Eureka! I found you,” she said. “Don’t leave. It’s not over yet. Prepare for the lip sync of your life and report to the main stage. I’m waiting!”

Your thoughts on this week’s episode? Which eliminated queen are you hoping will win the game and return to the competition? Weigh in via our poll below, then drop a comment with your full review.