The Craziest Reality-TV Moments Ever!

Craziest Reality Moments America's Next Top Model Tyra Freaks Out

From The Real World to the Real Housewives, reality TV is, by and large, pretty unstoppable.

From death-defying stunts and island starvation, to table-flipping and bitch-slapping, reality TV has delivered a treasure trove of unforgettably golden moments. That’s why Team TVLine put our heads together to spotlight a collection of the genre’s craziest, most infamous happenings for your review.

How do we define “craziest”? We kept it loose. Here, you’ll find bloody brawls, vicious cat fights, cunning gameplay, one unfortunate Drag Race mishap and plenty more. (There’s even a bathroom-related, uhh, accident that we couldn’t help but include; apologies in advance.)

Some of your favorite shows are featured here, including two classic Housewives explosions and an overseas Celebrity Big Brother fiasco you have to see to believe. Plus, we cover Survivor, The Voice, Dancing With the Stars, The Bachelor, Vanderpump Rules and many more. We even celebrate our favorite American Idol reject who certainly made the most out of his 15 minutes of fame.

Ready to revisit some of reality TV’s most unhinged moments of all time? Check out the attached gallery above (click here for direct access) to review our selections, then hit the Comments and tell us your favorite haywire reality scenes.