Year in Review

2019 in Review: Which TV Character Had the Most Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Year? Cast Your Vote!

TV Characters Worst Year 2019

Life on the TV, it ain’t easy. Just ask the most put-upon denizens of Hawkins, Central City, Westeros, Castle Rock and a specific block-and-a-half in Staten Island.

For almost 12 full months, we have watched some of our favorite TV characters get put through the proverbial wringer, whether they overreacted to teen love and their own no-show dates (we’re looking at you, Hopper), madly razed an entire city (you just cool your dragons, Dany!), or were drafted in for a humiliating game of “Boar on the Floor” (get to squealing, Tom!). And that’s just the tip of the sad, sad iceberg.

Interestingly, three out of last year’s “Top” 5 — beleaguered characters from Arrow, How to Get Away With Murder and Orange Is the New Black (as voted by TVLine readers) — repeated as contenders this year. (Yea, them?)

Browse our gallery of 16 very poor, unfortunate TV souls (click here for direct access) and then cast your vote in the poll below. Also, feel free to drop a comment with any names you’d add to our list, of those who were assailed by a litany of on-screen ignominies.