Succession Finale Mystery Solved: Here's What That Smirk Really Meant

Succession Season 3

Two months after Succession‘s Season 2 finale, there’s been a crack in the unsolved case involving Logan’s much-debated smirk.

To quickly recap, the HBO drama ended its second season in October with Kendall flipping on his father at a news conference, calling him “a malignant presence, a bully and a liar.” However, Logan’s wry smile as he watched his son bash him to the world suggested to some (i.e. 30 percent of respondents in our post-finale survey) that dear ol’ dad was in on the stunt all along.

Not so, says Logan’s portrayer Brian Cox, who tells our sister pub Deadline that the smirk was merely an expression of pride that his son “has finally grown up” and is “taking some kind of positive action,” adding, “Logan’s always known that Kendall was a treacherous sh-t. In a way, he isn’t judging him. There’s some validation of what’s happened. Logan accepts that. Logan is always an enigma wrapped in a mystery. That’s why the audience loves him.”

With father and son now officially at war, Cox hints to Deadline that there will be “a lot of fireworks” between him and Kendall come Season 3, which is slated to begin shooting next year.

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