The Conners Sneak Peek: Darlene and [Spoiler] Are Never Ever, Ever Getting Back Together... Right? (VIDEO)

So much for trying to mix business with displeasure!

In Tuesday’s episode of The Conners (8/7c, ABC), Darlene heads back to work for the first time since getting dumped by bossman Ben and is dismayed to discover that a trash can has replaced her desk (watch an exclusive sneak peek above). Her work station is not completely gone, mind you. Ben has simply moved it away from his desk so that he’s not forced to look into his cheating ex’s “lying eyes.”

Darlene once again attempts to “make things right” with Ben by confessing that she, too, is suffering. “I want you to know that this is killing me,” she opines. “I’ve been crying for the last 24 hours. Every time I think about what I did I feel sick.”

But Ben is having none of it. In fact, rearranging office furniture is just one example of how he plans to punish her professionally. Press PLAY above to see what other passive-aggressive tactic he has up his sleeve.

Also in this week’s The Conners: Jackie considers reopening the Lunch Box!

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