SNL: Chance the Rapper to Pull Double Duty as Host and Musical Guest

Saturday Night Live Chance the Rapper Host Season 45

Chance the Rapper is heading back to Studio 8H.

He’ll serve as both host and musical guest for Saturday Night Live‘s Oct. 26 episode, the show announced Saturday.

The musician fronted the show once before, in Season 43. Eminem was his musical guest. Highlights of that episode included “Come Back, Barack,” a Boyz II Men-style taped piece that urged former President Barack Obama to return to office, and “Sports Announcer,” in which he portrayed a sportscaster forced to cover a Rangers game without even a rudimentary understanding of hockey. The former, which was co-written by Kenan Thompson and Chris Redd, won an Emmy for Best Music and Lyrics.

Chance the Rapper also served as musical guest two other times, and showed up in a performance when Kanye West was musical guest in Season 41. He is currently touring in promotion of his album The Big Day, which was released this summer.

Charlies Angels‘ Kristen Stewart will host the following SNL episode, which is set to air on Nov. 2. Meanwhile, former cast member Eddie Murphy will make his much-anticipated return to Studio 8H on Dec. 21.

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