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Is Madam Secretary Changing Its Title for the Sixth and Final Season?

Madam Secretary President title change season 6

Madam Secretary‘s Elizabeth McCord has undergone some huge changes since the last time we saw her — becoming President of the United States will do that to you. But do those transformations extend to the very title of her show?

In Sunday’s Season 6 premiere, the series’ title card first read “Madam Secretary,” as it has since the CBS drama’s very beginnings. But then the logo changed to read “Madam President,” a seemingly fitting adjustment to reflect the character’s new role as Commander in Chief.

The season opener chronicled Elizabeth and her team as they approached her first hundred days in office, a milestone by which American presidents traditionally are measured. But is the new title how the show will be known for the remainder of its final season? And should we reset our DVRs?

No need to get Mike B. to get poll data or anything: TVLine have it on good authority that, despite the snazzy new graphic, the show’s title will remain Madam Secretary until the end of this season, which also happens to be its last.

Did you think maybe Elizabeth’s promotion would require a show-name change? Were you confused at all during Sunday’s episode? Sound off in the comments. 

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