mixed-ish Sneak Peek: Alicia and Denise Split Hairs Over the Kids' Picture-Day Looks — Watch

“Today,” Paul proudly announces to his children at the top of this exclusive mixed-ish clip, “your mother and I fixed racism.”

While Rainbow’s hippie dad might want to slow his roll a little, Alicia goes on to explain that she and her husband did set Bow’s teacher straight when she commented on the state of Bow’s hair in advance of the school’s picture day.

“Ooh, you yelled at a white person?” Denise says. “Tell me everything.”

But when Alicia outlines the heated confrontation, her sister suddenly is much less supportive. “I never thought I’d say this, but you owe that white lady an apology,” Denise replies, eyebrow raised. Wait, what?

Per the official episode description, Tuesday’s “Let Your Hair Down” (ABC, 9/8c) chronicles how the teacher’s comment — in which she suggests Bow make sure her locks look “neat” — causes the young girl to become self-conscious and kicks off her complicated relationship with her hair. (Just in case you were wondering, Santamonica and Johan aren’t immune from the complicated curl conversation, either. Wait until the youngest member of the family learns that professional salons exist!)

Press PLAY on the video above to watch the scene, then hit the comments with your thoughts!


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