Family Guy Sneak Peek: Who's Bonnie Cheating on Joe With This Time?

Family Guy returns for its 18th season on Sunday (Fox, 9:30/8:30c) with a tribute to Yacht Rock… and a marriage on the rocks.

The episode finds the guys embarking on a relaxing cruise, one where they can enjoy the sweet sounds of Kenny Loggins while manhandling a seafood buffet, only for Peter to ruin the whole thing by bringing his family along. As you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive clip from the premiere, Cleveland and Joe beg Lois not to tell their wives that she was invited, but their pleas fall on deaf — or at the very least disinterested — ears.

You’ll also see that Bonnie isn’t exactly alone (or dressed!) when she receives Lois’ damning text. That’a right, eight years after she nearly left Joe for a man in Paris, she’s back in bed with another man. (And while we’d never condone cheating, we’d also like the record to show that Bonnie’s new guy is a significant upgrade from Francois.)

Hit PLAY on the video above to find out the identity of Bonnie’s mystery man, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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