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AHS: 1984: Watch Season 9's Totally Gnarly Opening Title Sequence

AHS: 1984 Opening Title Sequence

American Horror Story‘s new opening title sequence is, like, so totally of the era being depicted.

Franchise overlord Ryan Murphy took to social media to unveil the retro-drenched intro for AHS: 1984, which revolves around a crazed murderer stalking teens at summer camp circa 1984.

“I am so excited to share with you the new title sequence by our longtime collaborator Kyle Cooper and our new friend Corey Vega, who ignited this concept with an original “fan” cut he posted on Twitter after the 1984 season was announced,” Murphy wrote on Instagram. “I liked it so much, I decided to bring him on board to work together with Kyle as they evolved the concept into something major. Congratulations Corey! 1980s horror never looked so good.”

The Season 9 cast includes Emma Roberts, Gus Kenworthy, Billie Lourd, Leslie Grossman, Cody Fern, Matthew Morrison, Angelica Ross and John Carroll Lynch, among others. They were introduced earlier this summer in a rather revealing compilation of screen tests. (WATCH TRAILER)

Formerly a staple of the franchise, Evan Peters has confirmed that he won’t be appearing in AHS: 1984, while fellow veteran Sarah Paulson is expected to return in a dramatically reduced role than in previous seasons.