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Veronica Mars: The Story Behind the Season 4 Finale's Other Sad Twist

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With so much attention (understandably) being paid to a certain somber, game-changing twist in Veronica Mars‘ fourth season, the finale’s other bummer of a development has been largely shrugged off. Until now, that is.

We’re referring to the sad, depressing — although, let’s face it, inevitable — conclusion to the budding friendship between Kristen Bell’s titular sleuth and Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s newcomer Nicole. After learning that Veronica suspected her of being the Spring Break Bomber (and spied on her as a result), Nicole kicked her distrustful bum to the curb. The season ended with their relationship irreparably severed.

Did series creator Rob Thomas ever consider tacking on a more hopeful conclusion to their short-lived friendship? In a word, no.

“I would’ve been afraid of the treacle of having that relationship work out in the end,” he tells TVLine of the duo’s abrupt split. “Veronica did some sh—y things to Nicole. She can’t take off her detective hat, so she’s always suspicious. And she makes poor decisions as a result, like leaving a bug in Nicole’s office and listening to her for days.”

Ultimately, Veronica didn’t “deserve the friendship,” Thomas maintains, adding, “She got what she deserved.”