Cancelled Shows, Fun Facts! The 'Best' Cancellation, the 'Worst' Renewal, the Unluckiest Network and More

Worst TV Cancellations

For dozens of broadcast-TV shows, it’s all over but the crying. And my annual number-crunching.

In the wake of a busy two weeks of Upfronts Season cancellations, and with only a handful of shows (mostly midseason NBC fare) still awaiting word of their fate, TVLine as is tradition is here to take stock of the fallen — to find some “fun” facts amid so much misery.

Which freshman show this season was first to get the hook? Which of the Big 5 networks had the lowest “batting average” this time around?

What was the strongest series to be sent packing, and which were the weakest performers to eke out a renewal? Which cancellation generated the most conversation on this here Internet site? And which beloved “Fun Facts!” category turned out to be inapplicable this year?

I took a trip down to the TV morgue to deliver this review (click here for direct access) of the year’s cancellations as well as evaluate the freshman class as a whole — including the “new” but still-yet-to-debut shows that have been sitting on the shelf for… a long while.

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