TV Bloodbath: 14 Shows Cancelled in 24 Hours — Which One Hurt the Most?

The bloodletting appears to have stopped — for now.

A total of 14 broadcast series were dispatched to TV’s dreaded MIA Network on Friday as the major networks began cleaning house in advance of next week’s fall presentations (aka the “Upfronts”). The body count was highest at ABC, which axed series both established (Speechless), fledgling (Splitting Up Together) and presumed dead (For the People). CBS shuttered nearly a half dozen programs, including Life in Pieces, Murphy Brown and Fam.

Fox, meanwhile, pulled the plug on The Passage and Lethal Weapon (among others). Even NBC got into the act (R.I.P., I Feel Bad.)

On the bright side, the weekend is here. The bad news? The next 48 hours will likely bring additional cancellations (review our 2019 Renewal Scorecard for a complete rundown of the remaining in-limbo series).

But there’s no sense worrying about what could be. Let’s spend our time stressing about what already is. It’s in that spirit that we direct you to the poll below. We lost a lot of shows today, folks. Which fatal blow hit you hardest? Think long and hard about the options and then cast your ballot. And then head to the comments to explain your choice.

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