The Flash Recap: Plans Got Plans — What'd You Think of the Dagger Twist?

The Flash Recap: Season 5 Episode 21 —

This week on The Flash, Barry & Co. raced to stop Cicada II from unleashing her meta-murdering plan. But in doing so, did they walk right into another Big Bad’s trap?

After Cicada II stole a quantum tunnel converter — with which she can convert dark matter energy into practical energy, and thus super-charge the cryoatomizer, allowing her to kill metas nationwide — Team Flash aimed to keep the Big Bad from securing the final piece she needs, a hyperconduit prototype created by Cisco’s slacker/future genius of a college roommate. Alas, Barry arrived too late at the bleeding edge-enhanced warehouse and nearly walked right into a bomb. Elsewhere, Joe and Cecile did their best to organize a metahuman cure dispersal at the CCPD, to reduce Cicada II’s target, though things nearly got out of hand as people panicked.

After failing to get everyone’s attention by asking why Thawne would send Nora back only to create a more powerful Cicada, Ralph later took the floor and laid out a litany of conundrums raised by the timeline Nora created — including, how did Grace kill in the future if the dagger is destroyed? Still, Barry is resigned to focus on the here and now, not Ralph’s timey-wimey head-scratchers.

Nora defied her parents wishes to ride the pine and instead attempted to synch back up her and Grace’s minds, as they did at midseason. Barry and Iris found her and cut off the connection before it did too much damage (or seeing through Nora’s eyes gave away their super-top-secret location, at STAR Labs!). Barry and Iris ordered Nora to stand down, but their not-so-little girl later argued that since they taught her how to be a hero, it is time to let her act like one. To stop keeping her away from danger and allow her to face it.

Barry and Iris concur that Nora is their daughter but not a kid, and approve her idea to reconnect with Grace’s mind while safely nestled inside the “Thawne Trap 2.0.” Once synched back up, Grace tries to goad Nora and project her negative energy onto her, but Nora holds firm and resists. Nora endures the pain long enough to emerge with a location on Cicada II — the CCPD!

Barry, Cisco, Killer Frost and Ralph race to the cop shop just as Cicada II has arrived with her completed atomizer, and effectively delay its deployment by engaging her in a multi-pronged fight, while Cisco works behind a Killer Frost-created ice wall to hack the atomizer. Along the way, Grace gloated that she never needed the dagger to have powers, that she didn’t even have it until she traveled to our time. Killer Frost and Ralph hold Cicada II back just barely long enough for Cisco to power down the atomizer, allowing them to remove and destroy the dagger with the Mirror Gun.

But as they go to do so, Ralph — sparked by Grace’s gloat — flashes back to his visit to Thawne’s 2049 cell and realizes that beneath Thawne’s prison vest this whole time was the dagger, being used to suppress his powers. And if it the dagger is removed from existence just as Thawne is being prepped for execution, he will be able to power back up and do Zod knows what!

“Don’t shoot it!” yells Ralph, just as Barry fires the Mirror Gun. But was he too late? Did Barry just pull the trigger on the return of Reverse-Flash?

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