Family Guy Sneak Peek: Peter's Latest Death Is Also His Most Unsettling

It turns out that Peter Griffin’s Instagram feed is just as disturbing as you’d expect it to be. Sunday’s Family Guy (Fox, 9/8c) sends the entire Griffin family to Streaming Con, where he decides to cyber bully a fellow convention attendee via his Instagram story.

And as you’ll see in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek, he gets exactly what’s coming to him. Seriously, the guy Peter encounters in this clip makes the nameless “phony” heckler from Season 3 seem positively quaint by comparison. (Can Peter just stop interacting with people in public from now on?)

Sunday’s installment, appropriately titled “Girl, Internetted,” revolves around Meg — that’s right, it’s a Meg episode — suddenly becoming internet famous, prompting Peter to take an unusual interest in his daughter’s life. Together, Peter and Meg “build her following and create content for her new image that revolves around unhealthy eating.” Gee, why do we feel like that won’t end well?

Elsewhere in the episode, Brian and Stewie “revel in a new ride while Brian’s car gets repaired,” an adventure we can also assume won’t end well.

Hit PLAY on the video above for an all-too-real sneak peek of Sunday’s Family Guy, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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