Game of Thrones Slays Viewership Record With Battle of Winterfell

Game of Thrones Winterfell Ratings

Game of Thrones positively killed it in the ratings with its highly anticipated (or dreaded, if you’re Dothraki) Battle of Winterfell.

Episode 3 of the HBO saga’s eighth and final season drew 12.02 million total viewers in just linear viewership on Sunday night, ranking an all-time second (trailing only the Season 7 finale, which had a linear audience of 12.07 million).

But across all platforms (including HBO Now and an overwhelmed HBO Go), “The Long Night” (which fittingly or by definition clocked in at a nail-biting 82 minutes) amassed 17.8 million viewers, up 12 percent week-to-week and breaking the series’ record set by the season opener.

Game of Thrones‘ final season premiere delivered 11.8 million linear viewers, an audience that swelled to a record 17.4 million with HBO Go and HBO Now factored in. Episode 2 had a linear audience of 10.3 million, which grew to 15.9 million with streaming views etc.

Do you think GoT viewership peaked with the Battle of Winterfell? Or is the series’ largest audience ever still yet to come?

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