Game of Thrones Episode 4 Trailer: The March to King's Landing Begins

Um, Cersei? Time to panic. 

We know all of you in the realm probably haven’t fully processed all of the loss from Sunday’s Game of Thrones, but… too bad. Because even though the Night King is so much ice chips, there’s no time to spare. After all, as Daenerys announces in a new preview for Episode 4, “We have won the great war. Now, we will win the last war.”

So let’s get right into the speculation about next week’s installment by watching the trailer, shall we?

There’s much celebration in the sneak peek, which is to be expected. Gendry appears to have survived the battle, based on Arya’s kissing him in the clip. There are also dragons, and Euron apparently proposing to Cersei again, and lots of Daenerys doing a virtual victory lap after defeating Death himself.

(Is anyone else having a little trouble believing that our long, frozen nightmare is finally over? The Night King is done! Dead! It still doesn’t feel real.)

Press PLAY on the video above to watch it all play out, then hit the comments: Now that the army of the dead has been vanquished, how do you expect the rest of Thrones‘ final season to play out? 

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