Game of Thrones: Did Bran Get Revenge on Jaime for That Fateful Shove?

Game of Thrones Bran Stark Jaime Lannister Shove Window

The Three-Eyed Raven has a long memory… one that extends all the way back to Game of Thrones‘ very first episode, apparently.

You’ll remember that the most shocking moment of Thrones‘ series premiere was a cocksure Jaime Lannister shoving Bran Stark — then a mere child — out of a window to keep the boy quiet about Jaime’s incestuous liaison with his sister Cersei. Bran survived the fall, though, and left Winterfell in Season 2, developing into the all-seeing, all-knowing mystic known as the Three-Eyed Raven… and in Season 8, he finally crossed paths once again with the man who nearly killed him all those years ago.

The premiere ended with a shocked Jaime locking eyes with Bran at Winterfell — he thought Bran had died years ago — and this week, Bran made it clear he remembered exactly what Jaime did to him. While Daenerys and company were interrogating Jaime after his surprise arrival, Bran even slyly quoted back to Jaime his own words at the time of the shove: “The things we do for love.” (!)

But Bran also didn’t stand in the way when the others reluctantly accepted Jaime as an ally in their fight against the dead. Later, when Jaime humbly apologized to Bran for that shove, Bran told him the apology wasn’t necessary; a puzzled Jaime asked, “You’re not angry at me?” and Bran responded calmly, “I’m not angry at anyone.” Bran chose not to tell the others about Jaime’s misdeed because “you won’t be able to help us in this fight if I let them murder you first.” But when Jaime brings up what might happen “afterwards,” Bran ominously asks: “How do you know there is an afterwards?”

Isaac Hempstead Wright, who plays Bran on the HBO drama, hinted at Bran’s non-reaction to Jaime in a chat with TVLine: “He doesn’t hold grudges. He’s kind of transcended human emotions. He just sees things as they are and how they must be, indefinitely.” After all, the Three-Eyed Raven has a lot more to worry about these days than a little shove. (Additional reporting by Kimberly Roots)

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