Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Meredith and DeLuca's Sex Date Marred by Unhappy Ending — WATCH

The proverbial cat comes flying out of the bag during this week’s Grey’s Anatomy when little Zola discovers Mommy’s special friend attempting to sneak out of the house in the middle of the night with his — double entendre alert! — tail between his legs.

Of course, the opening seconds of the above clip from Thursday’s episode (8/7c, ABC) foreshadow the awkward run-in to come as am angsty Meredith awakens pre-dawn to discover a half-naked DeLuca still canoodling her. “You can’t sleep here — the kids,” she alerts her lover. “You have to go, please.”

After exchanging a few come-hither glances as well as a tender farewell smooch, the very happy couple parts ways, but not before Mer reminds her other half to “tiptoe” out of the house so as not to rouse the kids. DeLuca’s super confident last words to Mer? “I’m quiet as a mouse.”

Next thing you know, said silent rodent — rocking a post-coital afterglow as well as an incomplete wardrobe — is staring into the suspicious, surprised eyes of one Zola Grey Shepherd.

Watch the amourous-turned-awkward sequence above and then hit the comments with your predictions for how this latest MerLuca hiccup will resolve itself.

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