Peter Weller to Play MacGyver's Evil Counterpart in Season 3 Finale

Last Ship Peter Weller

MacGyver is going to meet his evil “twin.”

TVLine has learned that film vet Peter Weller is set to pop up on the CBS drama at season’s end, playing a familiarly clever villain named Mason.

Coming out of a recent bombing attempt as well as a previous storyline in which Mac & Co. got doxxed, “Ultimately, all roads are going to lead to Peter Weller being this Big Bad who — and I think it was [series lead] Lucas [Till] who came up with this — is basically a ‘bad MacGyver,'” showrunner Peter M. Lenkov tells TVLine. “He’s someone who has the same head as MacGyver, the same skills, but he uses it for nefarious purposes.”

Weller’s Mason will surface in the Season 3 finale, airing Friday, May 10, and “hopefully, if we come back next season, we’ll continue that arc,” Lenkov says.

Weller is no stranger to Lenkov’s CBS reboot trilogy. In addition to playing the titular Hookman in a Season 3 episode of Five-0, he has directed a dozen episodes of Five-0, a couple of MacGyvers and one Magnum P.I. His most recent on-camera TV credits include Amazon’s Forever, Longmire and The Last Ship.

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