Blindspot Video: Jane Has Been Buried Alive (!) — Can the Team Save Her?

Let’s hope Blindspot‘s Jane Doe isn’t claustrophobic. If this sneak peek at tonight’s episode is any indication, the walls will (very literally) be closing in around her.

The harrowing hour (NBC, 8/7c) picks up shortly after the events of the March 22 episode, in which Jane was knocked unconscious and dragged away by one of Madeline Burke’s associates.

In the exclusive video above, Jane comes to and quickly discovers she’s been buried underground, with no viable escape plan in sight. (That duffel bag in Times Square suddenly sounds pleasantly cozy!)

Madeline’s right-hand man, Dominic Masters, informs the FBI that Jane can only be rescued if Madeline is released from FBI custody immediately. Weller, naturally, is eager to make the deal and save his wife’s life — but Agent Reade isn’t so sure about that plan.

Press PLAY on the video above to see our sneak peek in full, then drop a comment with your thoughts!

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