Superstore Video: Jonah and Mateo Find Glenn's (Illegal) Rainy Day Fund

Is Superstore‘s Glenn Sturgis going from Cloud 9 to the big house?

In the above video from Thursday’s episode (NBC, 8/7c), Jonah and Mateo are helping their boss clean out his office, when Mateo stumbles upon a plastic bag full of cash.

“That’s my rainy day fund,” Glenn explains. “Corporate sets aside a certain amount of the budget for miscellaneous maintenance, so whenever we don’t use it, I just take it out in cash and set it aside.”

As Jonah points out, telling the company that he spent the money on maintenance, then hiding it in his office, is technically embezzlement. In response, the unwitting criminal assures Jonah that he hasn’t embezzled anyone. (Then again, Glenn thinks embezzlement is something else entirely.)

Elsewhere in “Minor Crimes,” Amy pursues an amazing career opportunity, then runs up against an executive with a major grudge. Meanwhile, Garrett and Cheyenne struggle to get through an entire work day without their cell phones. 

As previously reported, Superstore has already been picked up for Season 5. It joins fellow returning NBC comedies Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Place and Will & Grace, all of which have been renewed for the 2019-20 TV season.

Press PLAY on the video above, then hit the comments with your reactions!

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