The Enemy Within Video: Has Shepherd Caused Keaton Too Much Pain?

Working alongside one of America’s most infamous traitors is starting to take its toll on The Enemy Within‘s Will Keaton.

In Episode 4 of NBC’s freshman drama (airing Monday at 10/9c), when intelligence obtained by Shepherd (played by Jennifer Carpenter) during her stint at the notorious ADMAX prison is linked to a pending attack on U.S. soil, FBI agent Keaton (Morris Chestnut) and the Cointel team embark on a manhunt to find and stop a deadly international operative.

Along the way, Keaton is faced with questions of loyalty and betrayal by, among others, his late fiancée’s father (played by Major Crimes‘ Robert Gossett). In the wake of that emotionally crushing encounter, as seen in the video above, Keaton is left to wonder a lot of things — including, does Shepherd know how many people she has hurt? Does she know how many, besides Keaton, have lost everything?

Press play above to see Keaton lay all that at the traitor’s feet — and hear what question she has for him in return.

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