Strike Back Sneak Peek: Mac Engages In a Bit of (Very) Explosive Showing Off

Desperate times call for innovative measures, Strike Back‘s Thomas “Mac” McAllister demonstrates in this exclusive sneak peek from this Friday’s episode.

In the sixth episode of the Cinemax action-drama’s penultimate season (airing Friday at 10/9c), Coltrane (played by Jamie Bamber), Mac (Warren Brown) and Novin (Alin Sumarwata) — as Wyatt (Daniel MacPherson) convalesces –embark on a covert, 24-hour mission inside Russia to extract an FSB analyst with potentially vital information. Afterward, when tracking Hassan to an outpost in the Indonesian jungle, Section 20 ends up facing off with Pavel and Zarkova, as Chetri zeros in on the nuclear suitcase in a Jakarta mall.

Along the way, as seen in the clip above, the team encounters a most unwanted obstacle, in the form of hostiles armed to the gills and rarin’ to shoot ’em up to smithereens. Admittedly outgunned, what is Section 20 to do? For starters, toss a grenade to Mac, and watch him do what he does best! (That’s your cue to hit PLAY above — and watch through to the very end.)

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