Masked Singer: Answers to Burning Qs About Stubborn Masks, Disappearing Heights, Leaks, Lip-Syncing and More

Masked Singer Secrets Revealed

You can keep on debating Osmond versus Hasselhoff and Fatone versus Chasez. Because as The Masked Singer enters its final stretch of episodes (the two-hour finale airs Wednesday, Feb. 27), we found ourselves pondering more vexing questions.

Like, are people actually singing inside those ornate costumes, or are they performing to a track? Is the mask really that hard for a singer to get off, once voted out?

What steps are taken to keep the studio audience from blabbing? Did an exposed body part give Tori Spelling away? Why isn’t the season-ender being performed live (Fox’s lingering Rent nightmares notwithstanding)? And who’s in queue for Season 2?

When the reality-TV’s newest hit took the stage at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, TVLine gathered answers to those burning questions and many others, courtesy of executive producers Izzie Pick Ibarra and Craig Plestis, Fox alternative programming chief Rob Wade, and some of the show’s cast.

Check out the inside intel we rounded up (click here for direct access), then et us know if there are any other Qs, you need As to.

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