The Passage Sneak Peek: Brad's Gift to Amy Contains a Sneaky Surprise

When is a treehouse not merely a treehouse? When it’s the product of a highly trained federal agent with a strong desire to escape a nefarious government project.

In this exclusive sneak peek at Monday’s The Passage (Fox, 9/8c), Wolgast welcomes Amy to a treehouse of her very own, a place to escape the concerns of the Project Noah scientists hoping she’s a human holy grail. But his excitement about the gift gets tempered quickly: Amy’s afraid of heights.

Once they get past that, however, Brad points out a strategically important secret that the treehouse is hiding. And just like that, Amy suddenly doesn’t mind being so high up in the air.

Elsewhere in the episode, titled “Whose Blood Is That?,” we get a glimpse of Carter’s life before he was sentenced to Death Row, and Fanning’s grip on everyone inside the facility gets even stronger. But when the virals gain the upper hand, will Richards and Wolgast work together to take down a rogue threat? (Spoiler alert: Yep, they will. It’s laid right out in the episode’s synopsis. Anyone wanna bet that the truce won’t last?)

Press PLAY on the video above to watch a sweet moment between Project Noah’s latest captives.

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