Vikings Finale Sneak Peek: No Stinkin' Border Wall Will Deter Bjorn's Army!

Vikings‘ already feral take on sibling rivalry is taken to a new extreme this Wednesday at 9/8c, when Bjorn and Ivar butt grimy heads in the History drama’s penultimate season finale.

At stake is the rule of Kattegat, the half-brothers’ hometown. As seen in the exclusive sneak peek above, Ivar the Boneless (played by Alex Hogh Andersen) is lording over the village when Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) shows up with his own army.

Can a simple, old fashioned wall ward off Bjorn & Co.? Or will, like, ladders and poles (plus a rather cool, covered battering ram) help the warriors best the barrier and seize control from Ivar’s men? Will Bjorn thus step in as the new king of Kattegat? Or will Ivar remain the people’s ruler, further allowing him to believe he is a God?

Press play above to see if Bjorn’s attack is a success, or too little, too late.

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