Good Place EP Michael Schur Weighs In on That Heartbreaking Finale Twist

The Good Place Season 4

You think you’re freaking out about what went down in last week’s Good Place finale? Imagine being the guy who has to dramatize the fallout.

“We just started [working on Season 4] and we’re panicking — white-hot panic” executive producer Michael Schur (half-jokingly) says of the twist that erased Chidi’s memory of his relationship with Eleanor. “The first two weeks of every year — except for Season 1 — have been all of the writers staring blankly at each other and then quietly getting in our cars and driving home.”

Schur adds that Season 4 will, in many ways, harken back to Season 1 — save for the Chidi twist, which may lead to “different power dynamics.” At the same time, Schur notes, “The idea is always to change everything and somehow still do the same show that people have been watching. So hopefully, that’s what happens.”

Asked whether rebooted Chidi could turn out to be Eleanor’s saboteur, Schur says, “No, because [The Bad Place] wouldn’t have known that [Eleanor & Co.] were going to [reboot Chidi], so Eleanor has another one on the way.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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