This Is Us Sneak Peek: Randall Boosts Beth With a Swoon-Worthy Pep Talk

It’s official: We want This Is Us‘ Randall Pearson to talk us through every anxiety-filled situation in our lives.

He’s just so good at it, as you’ll see in this exclusive sneak peek at tonight’s episode (NBC, 9/8c). When Beth admits she’s feeling nervous ahead of some job interviews, her man immediately sees it as his duty to bolster her confidence. Unfortunately, he doesn’t think through what he’s going to say before he starts talking about how the companies should be nervous, because “one of them is about to win the Beth Pearson lottery.”

Puzzled, she asks, “Why would they be nervous to win the Beth Pearson lottery?” Randall looks chagrined. “I don’t know,” he admits. “It sounded cuter in my head.”

But when Philadelphia’s newest city councilor goes for Take 2 of his pep talk, he absolutely nails it. (There’s a reason these two have stayed together so long, right?)

Tonight’s ep, titled “Songbird Road: Part One,” furthers Jack’s Vietnam story and also finds Rebecca, Kevin, Randall and Kate realizing that Papa Pearson kept some major secrets from them.

Press PLAY on the video above to watch Randall boost his wife’s spirits, then hit the comments with your thoughts about the season so far!

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