Supergirl Promo Exposes Kara, Offers First Glimpse of Nia's Dreamer Suit

Supergirl returns from its holiday hiatus on Sunday (The CW, 8/7c) with the unmasking of one superhero and the highly anticipated birth of another. As revealed in a new promo for the midseason premiere, Colonel Haley will stop at nothing to learn Supergirl’s secret identity, a mission few others have successfully accomplished. And based on her final line (“Kara Danvers’ life is over”), I think it’s safe to say she succeeds.

The promo also heavily implies that Nia is finally about to embrace her own heroic destiny. Not only does Brainy invite her to become a “super friend,” but we also get a blink-and-you-missed-it shot of Nia opening a box containing what appears to be her Dreamer suit. (The fact that Nia and Brainy look like they’re on a date is merely the cherry atop this explosive promo.)

Additional highlights from the new promo include National City’s growing distrust of aliens, Alex confronting Colonel Haley about her shady business practices and, of course, the Girl of Steel taking on more of those pesky roaches Children of Liberty.

Hit PLAY on the new promo above, then drop a comment with your hopes for the rest of Supergirl‘s fourth season below.

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