Happy! Sets Season 2 Return Date at Syfy — Watch the NSFW Trailer

New year, new Nick?

“We’re getting our act together, Nick. No more drinking, no more whoring, no more fillin’ chumps full of hot lead!” Patton Oswalt cries out at the start of Happy!‘s newly released Season 2 trailer, as the titular animated unicorn thingy he voices flits around Christopher Meloni’s dazed Nick Sax. Yeah, you can guess how long that resolution lasts…

Before you know it, we’re deep into a salacious promo that promises — among other things — skinless dudes, geriatric brawls, psycho Easter bunnies, 1960s bombshell Ann-Margret, fine (if phallic) art, big love, cowboys, glittery religious iconography and a very disturbing visual we couldn’t begin to describe if we tried. Don’t worry: Smoothie (played by Patrick Fischler) is still around, joyfully goosing the aforementioned epidermis-free gentleman. And Nick hasn’t completely abandoned his less-than-savory interests, which you’ll see as he bonds with daughter Hailey during a trip to the racetrack and fills a room with bloody corpses.

The dark and twisted comedy’s upcoming sophomore run will take place during Easter. (Season 1, you’ll recall, was set at Christmastime.)

Happy! will return on Wednesday, March 27. Press PLAY on the video above to watch the trailer in full, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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