Big Bang Theory Video: Kal Penn and Sean Astin Geek Out Over Sheldon and Amy (and... John Stamos?) — WATCH

In this week’s Big Bang TheorySheldon and Amy find themselves back in the room where it their wedding happened, courtesy of special guest stars Kal Penn and Sean Astin.

As previously reported, the Designated Survivor and Stranger Things actors play a team of physicists who accidentally confirm the newlyweds’ super-asymmetry theory. Thursday’s episode centers on the quartet’s first face-to-face meeting and, as you can see in the exclusive sneak peek above, it’s a veritable love-fest. The only thing Astin’s Dr. Pemberton and Penn’s Dr. Campbell are more excited about than breaking bread with Sheldon and Amy is the imminent prospect of breathing the same air as John Stamos (it’ll make more sense when you watch the clip).

However, the above preview does not give any hint of the crisis about to unfold: While Pemberton and Campbell strongly believe the breakthrough is Nobel-worthy, they balk at including Amy’s name in the nomination submission.

Press PLAY above to check out Penn and Astin Big debut, then tune in to the episode this Thursday (8/7c on CBS).