RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Video: Trinity Gets Too 'Honest' With Latrice

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You’d think that Trinity Taylor‘s fellow queens would know not to mess with her by now — remember how quickly she shot down Gia Gunn’s attempt to play Caitlyn Jenner?! — but it seems that Latrice Royale never received that memo.

The two queens share a tense exchange in TVLine’s exclusive clip from Friday’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars (VH1, 8/7c) when Latrice asks Trinity if she fumbled over part of her dialogue in this week’s challenge. She admits to forgetting her character’s name “for a quick second,” but when Latrice pushes her on it, Trinity starts to snap.

“Girl, my performance was good,” Trinity says in a confessional. “She should be worried about herself, not worried about whether I fumbled one word… when she fumbled the entire set. Crashed and burned, bitch.”

And when Latrice makes the mistake of bringing up her own shortcomings, Trinity seizes the opportunity to cut her opponent down, asking, “Where were the jokes?” (Spoiler alert: Latrice does not take kindly to her taunting.)

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