9-1-1 Boss Reveals Hidden Secrets for Fans 'Shipping Buck and Eddie

Forget Maddie and Chimney, Hen and Karen, and even Bobby and Athena. We all know which 9-1-1 twosome you really want to see more of in 2019: Buck and Eddie.

Fans of the Fox procedural have been picking up on the characters’ (inadvertent?) chemistry since they met in the Season 2 premiere, though it probably helped that their first encounter was a slow-motion sequence set to Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s “Whatta Man.” And that it was followed by Eddie teaching Buck and Chimney the art of the sexy selfie.

Sure, Buck spent the earlier part of this season pining over Abby, and Eddie has been trying to make things work with his wife, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from ‘shipping. Behold:

So it didn’t feel totally out of the blue when one of Santa’s elves mistook Buck and Eddie for a couple in the show’s Nov. 26 midseason finale. “You two have an adorable son,” the elf told Buck, who considered his response for a few seconds before simply settling on, “Thank you.”

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“I know a lot of people are getting that vibe [between Buck and Eddie], which is why I put that little joke at the end,” executive producer Tim Minear recently told TVLine. “Basically, the winsome elf was speaking for the audience. And I’m not saying that the fountain shooting up behind them meant anything metaphorically. You decide.”

New episodes of 9-1-1‘s second season resume on March 18, 2019. Your thoughts on the show’s most popular non-couple? Drop a comment with your take below.